The Nigerian American Professional Association (NAPA) and its origins date back to 1998, when a collection of Nigerian professionals working within Chicago’s public sector united as one to build and leverage a cohesive network of professional resources aimed to assist the Nigerian community of Chicago. Since then, the not-for-profit organization has grown to develop and expand relationships across the city in neighborhoods, local businesses, community organizations and more, while promoting and providing professional development. NAPA aims to empower its community through any and all professional channels available at its disposal.

The Association serves as a nexus for strengthening our professional and community link with all governmental and corporate bodies. We influence service planning and development decisions through debate, public advocacy and cooperation with other public service organizations. We create awareness about important issues affecting our community enabling us to develop and sharpen our opinions about governmental actions and their impact on our lives.

NAPA’s mission is to serve as a voice for the Nigerian/Nigerian-American community in the Greater Chicagoland area by empowering a cohesive network of professionals for professional excellence and community advancement.


Why isNAPA important?

Vital resource to the Nigerian American Community

Community Building

Job Opportunities

Economic Empowerment

Political Empowerment

Legacy Building

Lifelong Friendships